Thursday, October 18, 2012

Service Tax :- Due Date of filing extended from 25-10-2012 to 25-11-2012

Vide order no 3/2012 dated 15th October, 2012, Central Board of Excise & Customs has extended due date for filing of return for the period 1-04-2012 to 30-06-2012 from 25-10-2012 to 25.11.2012.  Copy of orders are given below :-

F.No.137/99/2011-Service Tax 
Government of India 
Ministry of Finance 
Department of Revenue 
Central Board of Excise & Customs 

New Delhi, the 15th  October,2012

ORDER NO: 3/2012                                           

             In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-rule(4) of rule 7 of the Service Tax Rules, 1994, the Central Board of Excise & Customs hereby extends the date of submission of the  return for the period 1st April 2012 to 30th June 2012, from 25th October, 2012 to  25th November,2012. 

The circumstances of a special nature which have given rise to this extension of time are as follows: 
a)  ACES will start releasing the return in Form ST3 in a quarterly format,  shortly before the 
due date of 25th October,2012. 

b)  This will result in all the assesses attempting to file their returns in a short time period, which may result in problems in the computer network and  delay and inconvenience to the assesses. 

(S.M. Tata) 
Commissioner Service Tax 
Central Board of Excise and Customs 

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