Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Service Tax : Error Codes for Generating New ST3 Return

V. Common Errors resulting in rejection of XML (Return) file after uploading into ACES Application and Reasons therefor:
1. Login to ACES application and access menu option to upload generated xml file of ST3 Return.
Error Message
Possible Reason
1. Uploaded return Filed Month and Year Does not match with provided month and year in xml
Assessee would have selected one return period on return upload screen which is different from the return period entered in offline utility.
2. The Premises code does not exist for the mentioned Registration No.
Assessee would have entered incorrect premises   code in offline utility.
3. The Assessee cannot file the return as, LTU details mentioned in the return are not valid.
This occurs when LTU status is not answered correctly in serial no. 1A of return sheet i.e., some non-LTU user chooses himself as LTU and vice versa.
4. You cannot file return as Input Service Distributor only.Please Provide Taxable Service,Duty payable and Paid Details.
Assessee (Service Provider/Recipient) would not have provided the details of taxable service such as duty payable and duty paid in the return and tries to give details of Input Service Distributor only in the Distributor Sheet.
5. If no abatement notification no./ sl. No. is selected , then Abatement amount claimed should be zero.
If you want to avail abatement in serial no. F(I)(d), then you must select Notification of abatement type in serial no. C2 in ST3 return. In case you enter some amount in abatement and do not select any abatement notification, your xml will be rejected.
6. Uploaded XML structure is not valid, please verify the structure or log a complaint to service desk. In case you are uploading xml file for the return period, April-June 2012-13, please make sure whether you have downloaded the correct offline utility/XSD specific to April-June 2012-13.
This error message is displayed when xml structure is not proper.
Assessees must download and use the latest  offline utility/XSD of ST-3 specifically meant for the return period, APR-JUN, 2012-13 for generating xml file of the return.
7. Registration No. mentioned in the return does not exist.
Assessee would have entered incorrect registration number in the offline utility and trying to upload the return for another registration number (other unit).
8. Technical Error has occurred. Please contact System Administrator.
For this issue, Assessee can seek help of the ACES Service Desk by sending an e-mail to or by calling up the national toll-free number 1800 425 4251 on any working day from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM.
Download ST-3 Return Form Excel Based (Click Here)

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