Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Service Tax ;- How to Generate & Upload XML file of ST-3

Generate XML   
              Once all relevant fields of the sheet have been filled up, clicking on "Validate Return and Submit" button will again validate data entered in all the sheets and XML file will be generated if data is found OK.   

              After generating the XML file, the Utility will prompt you about the name and location of the file so saved.   The name format of the XML file generated will be: RegistrationNumber_Date_Time.xml  e.g., TEMPA0054XXM001_131200834021PM.xml        
Uploading XML file into ACES application   
1. Log into ACES application and access RET > e-filing > upload to upload generated xml file of ST3 Return.    

2. On Upload screen, fill in all the required fields like Return Month, Year and Return Type as ST3.   

3. Click on ‘browse’ to select XML file and submit for uploading.   

4. After uploading, the application will validate the data. If data are found to be intact, the XML will be successfully uploaded. In case the file is found to be corrupt, Application will reject the XML file at the time of uploading itself.   

5. After validating the data, application will process the xml file and uploads the XML file data into ACES database. (This may take some time.)

6. The confirmation view will be provided with Save, Submit and Modify buttons. A Return with ‘SAVE’ button option will not be treated as FILED and you can save the Return for a particular period multiple times, until any other Return is submitted for the same period for any of the premises. In case if you have saved the return multiple times for the same period, the details of latest saved data only will be considered for further  processing of the return.   

7. You can view the status of your efiled return by accessing the  menu RET > e-filing > view XML status. There are three statuses:   

a. UPLOADED: This denotes that the return was uploaded and under processing. Please view again after sometime.   
b. FILED: This denotes that uploaded return is accepted by the ACES Application. You can view your return from following menu "RET-->View ST3 Return".
c. SAVED: This denotes that uploaded XML is saved in the system, but the return is still not submitted to the department. You can submit your return from following menu "RET-->Fill ST3-->Complete ST3".    
d. REJECTED: This denotes that the return could not be processed due to errors. The return needs to be corrected and to be uploaded again. If your Return is rejected, then there will be hyperlink appearing on the Return number on clicking which,you can see the errors.   

8. As per extant provisions, the ST3 return filed can be modified only once by filing a revised return within 90 days from the date of filing the original Return. In case of filing Revised return, Confirmation view will be provided with ‘Submit’ option only.  

                                         Download ST-3 Return Form Excel Based (Click Here)

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