Saturday, October 27, 2012

Service Tax :- Process to submit Service Tax Return

Step 1: ACES application accepts the return in XML format. Prepare the ST-3 XML and validate it against the schema ACES_ST3.xsd provided. Sample XML is enclosed with the zip file which can be referred as an example for preparing the return.

Step 2: Login to the ACES application and upload the XML for processing. XML will be again validated against same XSD again before processing.

XML File will only considered valid if they satisfy the requirements of the schema (predefined XSD) with which they have been associated. These requirements typically include such constraints as:
·         Elements and attributes that must/may be included, and their permitted structure
·         The structure as specified by a regular expression syntax
·         How character data is to be interpreted, e.g. as a number, a date, a Boolean, etc.

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Extensible Markup Language
XML Schema Definition

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