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Service Tax :- Steps for filing New ST-3 Return in detailed

Steps for filing ST-3 Return – Detailed Instructions   
Fill up the return data   
1. All Green Cells are areas where input can be entered.   
2. You are not allowed to enter any data in the Grey Cells.   
3. You can use this ST3 Excel Utility only for the ST3 return to be filed for the period, April, 2012 to June,   
4. All the fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory. You have to compulsorily provide data for these fields.   
5. If any mandatory field is left empty, then the utility will not allow you to proceed further for generating XML file.   
6. Data provided must be in correct format, otherwise utility will not allow you to proceed further for generating XML file.   
7. Moving through the cells: After you have entered data in the desired cell, you can click on the ‘tab’ button on the keyboard to reach the next green cell of the section for data entry.   
8. Moving through the sheets: After you have filled in the data in a sheet you can move to the next sheet by clicking the "Next" button. On clicking this button, utility will validate all the entries on the sheet and lead you to the next sheet providedif the data is filled properly in that sheet. In case there is some error in that sheet, utility will prompt you with an error message and will not allow you to proceed further.   
9. Addding Service: Sections such as ‘NAME OF TAXABLE SERVICE FOR WHICH RETURN IS BEING FILED’ allow you to add/enter as much data as you require in a tabular form. You can Click on "Add Service to add more rows.

To add more than one row, you must fill data in the mandatory fields in the previous row.

If you have added a new row in the section of particular month, then the utility will add a new "Payable" sheet for that month for filling the details of service tax payable.   
10. Deleting Service: Rows that have been added in the section, ‘NAME OF TAXABLE SERVICE FOR WHICH RETURN IS BEING FILED’ can be removed by Clicking the button "Delete Service". 

If you have deleted a row then respective Payable sheet will also get deleted.

e.g., if you have deleted second row, then Payable (2) sheet will also be deleted.

Note that while filling tabular data, you must fill the mandatory fields in the added rows also, otherwise utility will not allow you to proceed further for generating XML file.   
11. Filling data for "Return" sheet: 

(i) Return Period: As this ST3 Excel Utility is meant only for the ST3 return to be filed for the period, April, 2012 to June, 2012, the fields, ‘Financial Year’ and ‘Period’ are frozen to reflect 2012-2013 & April-June respectively and any entry/editing by you is disabled. 
(ii) Registration details: Enter Registration number and name.
(iii) Option for LTU: If you are assessee falling under any of the Large Taxpayer Units (LTU’s), then change the option to "Yes" in serial no. 1A and select the city name from drop-down in serial no. 1B.
(iv) Select the constitution of assessee carefully as mentioned in registration.
(v) Name of Taxable Service for which return is being filed: Select the name or names of the taxable service/s from the dropdown provided.

There is provision for adding new row for selecting more than one taxable service. For adding new row, fill all the details in previous row and click on ‘Add Row’ button. The utility will add new ‘Payable’ sheet for every Taxable Service entered on Return sheet.   
12. Filling data for "Payable" sheet: Enter the details like ‘value of taxable service’ for Service Provider (amount received) or Service Receiver (amount paid) or both (whichever applicable), education cess payable, secondary and higher education cess payable, exemption/abatement notification details (if applicable), Service Tax rate wise break-up of taxable value and taxable amount charged. You have to fill 'Payable' sheet for each Service you have mentioned in 'Return' sheet.

(i) If you want to avail abatement in serial no. F(I)(d), then you must select Notification of abatement type in serial no. C2 of ST3 return. In case you enter some amount in abatement and do not select abatement notification, your xml will be rejected.
(ii)   Sr.No in the Notification (If Abatement is claimed as per Notification No. 1/2006-ST) can be selected from the drop-down list based on the taxable service. If no serial number is aplicable for taxable service then system will not allow you to select serial number.
(iii) Education Cess: The education cess is calculated at 2% of the Service Tax payable.
(iv) Secondary and Higher Education Cess: The Secondary and Higher Education cess is calculated at 1% of the Service Tax payable.

Note: Throughout the Utility, If Assessee is unable to delete first row like Notification number then assessee can use the DEL(Delete) Button from the computer keyboard after clicking on the cell.   
13. Filling data for "Paid" sheet:  Enter the details of service tax paid, education cess paid, secondary and higher education cess paid, other amount paid (Arrears of revenue paid, interest paid, penalty paid etc.) in the period against the different heads i.e., by way of cash, by CENVAT credit, by adjustment of excess amount paid earlier etc. System will compare the duty paid figures with duty payable figures.   
14. Filling data for "Challan" sheet: You can enter the details of challan vide which the service tax, education cess, secondary and higher education cess and other amounts were paid and Source Document (if any). You must mention the challan number if some payments are made in cash.   
15. Filling data for "CENVAT" sheet: All the fields are self-explanatory. This is the sheet to enter the details of CENVAT credit taken and utilized for service tax and central excise duty, education cess & secondary and higher education cess. The sheet has to be filled for each month of the period. 
You must provide the CENVAT details if duty payments are made through CENVAT Credit.   
16. "Distributor" sheet: You can enter the Credit details for Input Service Distributor (if applicable) and fill in Self-Assessment Memorandum with name, date and place.

After filling all the sheets, click on the button "Validate Return & Submit" to generate XML file for the Return.  

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