Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tally :- Import Excel Data in Tally

                    As per commitment, in the first week of October, 2012 , utility for import data from Excel will be provided. In the first attempt, utility named T7Import is being providing to import purchase vouchers in Tally 7.2 through Microsoft excel 2003. 

How to Install
                    To make easy, there is T7Import.exe file in zip format. Place T7Import file in C drive and click installation will be start automatically. 
Excel Format
              To enter vouchers in excel, specific excel based template  name Pur_Temp.xls_is available in  folder T7Import.  However you may also generate yourself with the help of following format. 
Field Name            BNO         DATE     AMOUNT       PARTYNAME        REFERENCE
Type                       "C"              "C"            "N"                "C"                           "C"

Note :-  "C"  stands for Character
             "N"  stands for Numeric.
                     After entering data in excel, file will be stored in the name Data.dbf in DBF4(dBASE iv) (*.dbf)  as shown in below picture.  File should  be stored in  folder \T7Import. 

Cost of Software 
                 Initially, there  is no cost of this utility but 10 free attempts for one computer is available as trial. However there is no limit of data entry in excel or import vouchers in Tally. 

Modification  in Utility
                   Modification in utility will be done time to time  at  User should stay in touch with

How to Solve utility Problems
                    In case any difficulty in running this utility, user can contact through email  at  Problem will be resolved as soon as possible and updated in utility.

Availability of Utility (T7Import)
                    Simply click here (download) to download the utility and run the same in Microsoft office Excel 2003 and Tally 7.2.

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