Thursday, November 29, 2012

Electiricy :- How to save Electricity Charges

  • Clean your tube lights and lamps regularly.
  • Use compact fluorescent tube lights with lower capacity instead of ordinary bulbs.
  • Use fan in summer instead of air conditioner as far as possible.
  • Set air conditioner coolness as per requirement.
  • Use daylight and fresh air by opening windows of home.
  • Use ISI mark appliances.
  • Don’t open and close door of refrigerator frequently.
  • Defrost freezer compartment regularly for a manual defrost refrigerator.
  • Take care for proper closing of refrigerator door.
  • Don't put hot meal in refrigerator.
  • Switch off refrigerator when you go out station.
  • Insulate heater pipes properly.
  • Use hot water as per requirement.
  • Use microwave oven instead of ordinary oven.
  • Turn off computer when not in use.
  • Use water pump as per requirement only.
  • Use washing machine with full load.
  • Dry clothes in open air instead in washing machine.
  • Use solar cooker.
  • Remove un used fixtures.
  • Use light color walls and furniture.
  • Use proper size of motors.
  • Use non-conventional energy as far as possible.
  • Switch off unused lights in lunch break in office.
  • Turn off lights when not in use immediately.

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