Thursday, November 1, 2012

Service Tax :-Is there any prescribed format for the Invoice/Bill?

There is no prescribed format for issue of Invoice. However, the invoice/bill/challan should contain the following information (Rule 4A of the STR, 1994):

i. Serial number.

ii. Name, address and registration no. of the service provider.

iii. Name and address of the service receiver.

iv. Description, classification and value of taxable service being provided or to be provided.

v. The amount of Service Tax payable (Service Tax and Education cess should be shown separately)
    Note: If the service provider is a Banking company, the details at Sl. No (i) and (iii) are not necessary.
In respect of the taxable services relating to the transport of goods by road, provided by the Goods Transport Agency, the service provider should issue a consignment note containing the following information (Rule 4B of the STR, 1994): -
   i. Serial Number
   ii. Name of the consignor and consignee
   iii. Registration no. of the vehicle
   iv. Details of the goods transported
   v. Details of the place of origin & destination

vi. Person liable for payment of Service Tax (consignor /consignee / GTA)

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