Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TAN : - How can i register my TAN Number or collect Consolidated file.

Presently, tan holders are using TAN registration facility at  But now Income Tax Department has stopped TAN Registration at   A new website has been created regarding all issues related to TDS like  TAN Registration, Pan Verification, View Default Summary, File Online Correction statement with or without digital signature or e-signature, download form 16 or 16a or 27D or 27A, view communication in box etc.  There are lot of new features at   Sign Up  details on the said website are given as detailed below :-

  • Fields marked by asterisk (*) are mandatory
  • Deductor registration is for registering a TAN on TRACES
  • Each TAN will have one Admin User
  • When a TAN registers on TRACES for the first time, Admin User account will be created for the TAN
  • After registration, Admin User can login to TRACES and add upto 4 sub-users for the TAN
  • All functionalities remain same for Admin User and sub-users, except that filing of online correction can be done only by Admin User. Sub-user can prepare online correction statement and submit to Admin User and Admin User will submit to ITD
  • User can register on TRACES without digital signature
  • It is not mandatory to file correction statement on TRACES using digital signature
  • Digital Signature or e-Signature can be registered later through the Profile section
  • Some of the functionalities that will be available for deductor after registering on TRACES are:
    • View Challan Status
    • PAN Verification
    • View Default Summary
    • File Online Correction with / without Digital Signature or e-Signature
    • Upload Correction Statement (offline correction)
    • Download Form 16 / 16A / 27D / 27A
    • View communication in Inbox
  • Step-1:
    • Enter TAN and either Token Number or TAN Registration Number
    • Token Number (Provisional Receipt Number) should be of an accepted statement (regular or correction) filed on or after April 1, 2010
    • TAN Registration Number should be the 12-digit alpha-numeric value generated during online TAN registration on TIN
    • If both Token Number and TAN Registration Number are entered, Token Number will be considered for validation
  • User must have filed at least one statement in TIN to be able to register on TRACES
  • If user has registered on TRACES but not activated its account and if the 24 hours deadline for activation has not lapsed, user can opt for the activation link to be resent by filling up details in Step-1 and submitting the same. Deadline for account activation will remain the same and will not be extended

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