Sunday, March 3, 2013

Age Calculator or How to Know Your Age in Excel

Age Calculator 

             To know or calculate your age in excel, some commands are required.  Generally, it is not easy to calculate through excel.  But with the help of below commands it is too much easy.   Before knowing complete formula for calculating Age, some commands are explained as under :
  • Now()           = Today date
  • Today()         =  Current Date
  • Datedif          =  Date Difference between two dates
  • "Y"                =  Years
  • "YM"            =  Balance numbers of Months after completing Years
  • "MD"            =  Balance numbers of Days after completing Months. 
  • Command     =           =datedif(lowerdate,highestdate, "intervel")

You can also enter your date of birth in age calculator and check your Age.

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