Monday, March 4, 2013

e-TDS :- Invalid Details in Step-2 of Registration at TRACES

What do I do for Error: 'Invalid details' in Step–2 of Registration?

                Particulars in Part 1 and Part 2 of Step-2 of registration form are required to be exactly the same as reported in the TDS statement. Please enter challan details and unique PAN-Amount combination as reported in the regular statement. However, if challan details and the unique PAN-amount combination reported in the regular statement have been modified in the correction statement, then specify modified particulars of challan details and unique PAN-amount combination.
  1. Challan Identification Number (CIN) – This gets generated on payment of tax through Bank Challan. It consists of:

    -BSR Code
    -Date of Payment
    -Challan Serial Number
  2. Book Identification Number (BIN) / Transfer Voucher Details – This gets generated on filing of Form 24G by Pay & Accounts Officer (PAO) / District Treasury Officer (DTO) / Cheque Drawing & Disbursing Officer (CDDO). It consists of:

    -Form 24G Receipt Number
    -Date of Transfer voucher
    -DDO Serial Number
              Please enter a challan with at least three distinct valid PAN-amount combinations corresponding to the statement mentioned above. If there is no such challan, mention a challan with at least two valid PAN-amount combinations. If there is no such challan, mention a challan with at least one valid PAN-amount combination. If you do not have any such challan, mention a challan with no valid PAN-amount combination and also select the checkbox (no valid PAN deductees row) in the PAN Details section in Part 2 where you are supposed to enter the unique PAN-amount combinations.

  • Registration process requires you to input 'Token Number' of your regular statement
  • Following could be the reasons for getting 'Invalid details' message in Part 1 and / or Part 2 in registration Step-2:

    -You might have not entered Token Number of your regular statement
    -Challan details entered are not as mentioned in above
    -Incorrect unique PAN-amount combination

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