Saturday, March 9, 2013

Income Tax :- PAN Verification

Friends,  Before submitting TDS return or submitting Income Tax Return, every assessee should confirm their PAN (Permanent Account Numbers).  In case wrong PAN number in TDS return , deductee suffers and in case wrong PAN number in Income Tax return, assessee suffers.   

          Overall everyone should avoid from error.   Income Tax Department can also charge penalty in submission of wrong PAN Number.   Time to time mode of checking of  PAN validity differs.   

          Now, recently two ways of checking have been found for PAN checking/verification.  One is through TRACES ( and Second is through TIN or CST number (

Steps of PAN Verification through TRACES

  • Just Login at TRACES with your user id and password.
  • Press Statement/Payments. 
  • Now, click on Pan Verification as shown in above picture. 
  • Enter PAN number which you want to check and select Form Type 26Q or 24Q as applicable. 
  • Status of Pan and Name of Pan will be appeared under PAN Details. 
Steps of PAN Verification through TIN or CST number 

  • Just enter in address bar of browser or Open website
  • Click on "Dealer / Form Search" link available in right hand top side. 
  • Click on "I Agree" button.
  • Search by TIN, if you know TIN number of the person/Firm  to whom you want to check PAN number. 
  • Enter TIN number. 
  • The following screen will be appeared showing concerned PAN number.  

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