Tuesday, April 16, 2013

e-TDS :- Due Date for deposit TDS/Return Submission/Issuance of FORM 16 or 16A

Friends,  Due date in TDS is important in Last Quarter.   Generally it is confusion what is due date for Depositing TDS of the Last Quarter of the Financial Year or what is date of TDS Return submission Date and what is date of issuance of Form No. 16 or Form No. 16A. 

            Income Tax Department has cleared these issues vide their Notification dated  31-05-2010.   Earlier  there was issue that if payment has been done or  expenses has booked in the last date of Financial Year  the date of deposit of TDS will be 30th April otherwise date of deposit was 7th April.   But now there is no confusion.   Now it is simple that the Tds deducted in the month March can  be deposited upto 30th April.  

           As a deductor , there are two categories.   One is Government and second is Non-Government.  Time limits for the both are differ.  

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However to know complete details regarding Due Dates click here to download the notification dated 31.05.2010 which should be read by every deductor. 

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