Thursday, April 25, 2013

e-TDS :- Latest RPU 3.3 with new FVU 3.7

Friends,  NSDL has provided new TDS RPU 3.3  for submitting TDS return.  This RPU has been updated due to control of Data entry by users.   Now users can not claim  deduction of Infrastructural Bond under section 80CCF in the Financial Year  2012-13 as it has been removed w.e.f. 01.04.2012.  Main key features of the New RPU is given below :- 

Key features of NSDL Return Preparation Utility (RPU) version 3.3

  • Section 80CCG: Section 80CCG has been incorporated for Form no. 24Q  Q4.  Section code 80CCG is applicable for FY 2012-13 onwards. 

  • Section 80CCF: Quoting deduction under section 80CCF has been restricted to FY 2010-11 and 2011-12. 

  • Relaxation of PAN validation: PAN compliance validation of 85% pertaining to deductees of section code 206CK (Form no. 27EQ) has been relaxed.

  • Latest FVU version 3.7 (applicable for quarterly TDS/TCS statements pertaining to FY 2010-11 onwards) has been incorporated.

Download New RPU 3.3 (click here)

Generation of .fvu file

FVU is inbuilt in this RPU. After preparation of statement (data is filled in all sheets) click on 'create file' and provide path as below.

1. Challan Input File (Optional)
  • Specify the name (with the .csi extension) of the input file (including the path) i.e. the name of the challan file downloaded from Challan Status Inquiry for the verification of challan in TDS/TCS statement.
  • Length of input filename should not be more than 25 characters (including the .csi extension) and should not contain any special characters eg. : , \ / etc.,.For example Filename can be MUMM11111A040909.csi.

2. Output Files (Mandatory)
Select location with the browse button to save the output files. Following files will be created if File is correct: 

.fvu file (fvu file should be copied on a CD/floppy)
  • .txt file
  • FVU -TDS statement statistics report (to be used in preparing Form 27A)
  • TDS/TCS-PAN statistics (created if PAN of the deductee is PANNOTAVBL, PANAPPLIED, PANINVALID)
  • e-TDS/TCS statement warning file, created if –
    1. Bank branch code not present in the list of authorized bank branches OR
    2. Same PAN in deductor and deductee PAN field OR
    3. Challan details of the statement do not match with the details uploaded by the bank (if .challan detail file is imported)
File is incorrect:
  • .txt file
  • Error file (both in .txt and html)

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