Thursday, April 25, 2013

FDR Interest Calculator on Maturity/Pre-matured/Re-Invest

Friends,  Nowadays, Interest rates on Bank Deposit/FDR are being changing time to time.  As an investor it is great problem to deposit his money in Bank etc.  As and when he Deposit money for a particular period i.e. 1 year, 2 year or 5 year etc.   Bank change interest rate in few days or increased interest rate.  In such position investor pre-matured his deposit for getting better interest on his money.   A great problem arised that  Pre-maturity  and invest on new Deposit Rate is better or not. 

                 Keeping in view this problem, a interest calculator has been prepared which calculates interest on
maturity and Pre-matured amount on particular Date and the investment in new rates of Pre-matured amount. 

Requirement of Software:-
                    Microsoft Office Excel-2007 or greater is required for running this software.

How to Install :-
                   Simply download zip file and run.  

How to use :-
  • Enter base data in only White cell.
  • Enter Rate of Interest, date of Investment and Date of Maturity.
  • By default, current date is equal to Pre-Mature Date. 
  • Date of pre-maturity is editable or changeable.
  • Reduction of Interest Rate depends upon different banks either 1% or 2% or 0%.
  • New FDR Interest Rate can be entered. 
  • Finally, it can be watched that  is there  any Benefit or Loss due to change in Interest rate. 
Tenure for Getting download link after making request :-
        Assured  time is 2  working days but expected at the earliest on confirmation of registered member.
                             Excel Based FDR Interest Calculator workable in Office 2007 or further 

Free Download link will be provided through email to  only registered email at  Request can be done at email at
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