Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to replace Blank fields with Zero in Excel

Friends,   Many times we feel that zero is required in blank field in excel.   Blank fields are not accepted in software like as  while creating Tds return with NSDL software, if there is any blank field, software shows error.  In such case you have only two options, one is manual and second is with command.  Till today I was also using manual option, today I feel why it should not be done through command which will be simple and accurate.

Command = Select Area (as shown in First picture) > Press "Control+F"  and select "Replace" as shown in Second picture > use Replace All. 

In this way replacement of Blank fields with Zero is too much simple. 

Note :-  In complete blank sheet, above command will not work.  Some digit like Last cell in the selected area should be typed before applying this command.  

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