Friday, May 31, 2013

Income Tax :-View Tax Credit (26AS) free of cost

              It is known by everyone that Form 26AS (tax credit in your pan) can be viewed through income tax e-filing website.  Some time this link do not work due to technical reasons as at this time it is not working.  In such position,  Tax payer or user can use Internet Banking or can register himself on as Tax Payer.  This registration is similar as earlier was on  Difference in both is that it was chargeable on and it is free on 
Why it is necessary to check before filing Income Tax return ?

             Checking of 26AS  is not mandatory before filing Income Tax return.  But it is too much important to check in the interest of Assessee or Tax Payer.  In case Assessee do not check this form before filing Income Tax Return, there may be lot of confusion regarding TDS deducted or Tax Deposited which will increase correspondence between Income Tax department or Assessee.   

Registration Procedure at TRACES (

             Two type of registrations are available on, one for Deductor and second for Tax Payer.  Registration under Deductor works for TDS environment and under Tax Payer shows Form 26AS of Pan Holder. 

-Tax Payer registration is for registering a PAN on TRACES
-Individuals and non-individuals can register their PAN on TRACES
-Tax Payer will be able to see Form 26AS after registration

  • Fields marked by asterisk (*) are mandatory
  • Enter PAN, Date of Birth and Name of the tax payer who is being registered on TRACES
  • Non-individuals must enter Date of Incorporation in Date of Birth field
  • Name as on PAN card must be entered
  • It is mandatory to enter either TAN of Deductor, Type of Deduction, Month-Year and TDS / TCS Amount (Option 1) or Assessment Year, Challan Serial Number and Amount (Option 2)
  • In Option 1, you can enter TAN of any deductor who has deducted TDS / TCS for your PAN from April 1, 2011 onwards
  • In Option 2, you must enter details of advance tax / self-assessment tax / tax on regular assessment / surtax / tax on distributed profits / tax on distributed income paid by you
  • If values are entered for all fields in both Option 1 and 2, Option 1 will be considered for validation
  • Amount should be entered in two decimal places (e.g., 1234.56)
  • Enter image as displayed in Captcha in the text box
  • Click on 'Refresh ' icon next to Captcha image to view another image
-If user has registered on TRACES but not activated the account and if the 24 hours deadline for activation has not lapsed, user can opt for the activation link to be resent by filling up details in Step-1 and submitting the same. Deadline for account activation will remain the same and will not be extended

-If user has registered on TRACES but not activated the account and if the 24 hours deadline for activation has lapsed, user can register again on TRACES as new user

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