Thursday, May 30, 2013

PNB :- Doorstep Banking Services

Doorstep Banking Services

Salient Features of Doorstep Banking Services (safe & secure) :

Bank is offering the DSBS to its customers (Individual /Non Individual/Corporate) who are interested to avail the said services, for pick up of cash and delivery of cash from the door step of customer: 

The services are to be offered only to those customers in whose case proper KYC procedures have been followed. The service should be offered either at the residence or at the office of the customer. 

Customers will be pre-registered for this scheme. An agreement will be entered into with customer.

The DSBS include: 

           i. Pick up of Cash - Maximum Limit upto Rs. 2.00 crores
          ii. Delivery of cash against cheques received at the counter or through Fax
             – Maximum Limit Rs. 50 lacs.
         iii. Pickup instruments (like cheques, drafts/Pay orders, dividend warrants etc. for clearing) This shall be offered as a complimentary facility to customers simultaneously alongwith cash pick up for which no charges to be paid.

Following three type of options are available for Cash pick-up & delivery 

       (i) On Call Service 
      (ii) Beat Pick up Service. 
      (iii) Free of Cost option

     Customer may opt for one of the options. 

  •      (i) On Call Service option:
         The customer shall inform the bank of pick up/delivery of cash required, over telephone/FAX on letter head.
  •      (ii) Beat Pick up Service option:
           The representative of the Service Provider shall visit the customer on daily basis or on frequency requested by the customer.
  • (iii) ‘Free of Cost’ Option –
    This option is to be provided to those customers who are not ready to pay the Security Agency charges and agree to keep higher current account agreed balance.
The services are to be offered within the business hours of the bank.

Customers account will be Credited/Debited on the same day in case of pickup of Cash  and delivery of cash facility under DSBS. 

Benefits of Door Step Banking Scheme:

Advantage to Customer :

1. Customer are not required to visit the branch for deposit/withdraw of cash under this scheme.
2. High security in pick up of cash and Delivery of Cash
3. Timely pick up of cash at door step of customer
4. Less Bank Charges
5. No Inter sol charges

For further details and latest information, please visit our nearest branch 
OR contact at
Toll Free No: 1800 180 2222; 
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