Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tally:- How to upload logo in tally.

Do you know that logo can be uploaded in tally.   Importance of logo stands value for a unit.   Before knowing regarding upload of logo in tally.   It is important to know how can I collect it.  There are many sources of generation of logo.   Easy and simple way is that availability of logo in your computer.  

How can I generate logo through computer :-   If we want to generate logo of Shri Ganesh Ji, you may use the following steps :-
  • Open through internet www.google.co.in.
  • Press Images button available in left-top.
  • Type Shri Ganesh Ji
  • Images of Shri Ganesh Ji will be displayed.
  • Choose image as per your choice and Press Print Screen Button. 
  • Open paint brush and Press Paste Button. 
  • Now select particular picture which you want to create logo and use cut button and paste in new file in paint brush. 
  • Save the file in the name Ganesh.jpeg format on desktop or in tally folder  or in folder  C:\Tally.ERP9\. 
  • Now open tally. 
  • Press F11 from gateway of tally. 
  • Accounting Features >set "Enable company logo" = Yes.
  • Type path of image file of Shri Ganesh ji (already created above) as shown in below picture. 

Recommended size of image is 96 pixels in width X 80 pixels in height
and Company logo will be printed on specific reports and vouchers only

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