Thursday, June 27, 2013

FDR : - Multiple FDR Calculations in a single Excel Sheet

                The following excel utility has been generated for calculation of  200 FDR's at a time.  There are two type of calculations can be done in a single excel sheet which is given below :-
  1. Interest calculation on the basis of Maturity Date on quarterly basis. 
  2. Interest calculation on a particular date as shown in  white cell of the last Column.
If white cell of last column is blank than calculations will be done on the basis of Maturity Date other wise Interest calculations will be done on your desired date as shown in white cell of the last column. 
The white cell of last  column can be blanked through delete button of your key board.   In case you use space bar  or backspace button to blank the white cell of last column , there may be problem.   This utility is workable in M S Office 2007 or above.

How to use ?

  1. Use Microsoft office 2007 or above version.
  2. Use only white cell for data entry. 
  3. Other than white cell are password protected. 
  4. Utility calculate two type of interest as mentioned above. 
  5. Interest calculation are based on quarterly compound.

Free Excel Utility for calculation of multiple Bank FDR's in a single Excel Sheet. 

Download Free FDR Calculator.

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