Saturday, July 27, 2013

e-filing Income Tax Return :- Sources to recover Forget Password

      It is known by everyone that new website has already been launched for e-filing of Income Tax Returns.  In the last financial year 2011-12, only assessee having income 10 Lakh or more than 10 lakh are bounded to submit online return. But not from the financial year 2012-13, the limit of income  has been decreased from 10 lakh to 5 lakh.  It means that Now e-filing of income tax return is mandatory for those persons who have income 5 lakh or more than 5 lakh.   In this way,  Data punching of Assessee data is in the hand of Assessee. 

       Now, it is a great problem that in a year User id and Password for e-filing of income tax return were generated but now forget at the time of submission of income tax return.   Below are the solutions for recovery  of password:-

Answer Secret Question :-  In case you have remember answer of hint  question which have been filed by you at the time of registration. 

Upload Digital Signature :- It is chargeable to by digital signature. 

Enter e-filed Acknowledgement Number and Bank Account Number :-  Copy to last online  submitted Income Tax ITR-V is required for getting acknowledgement number along with your bank account number entered in your last income tax return available with income tax department for confirmation. 

Toll Free Number :-  Toll Free Number to resolve this issue is 1800 4250 0025. 

Email Addreess:- if you're not able to reset the password with any of the above options, please send an email to  - with the following details. 
  • Pan
  • Pan Holder's Name
  • Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation
  • Father's Name
  • Registered PAN address
Click on above picture to Reset your e-filing Password.

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