Sunday, July 21, 2013

e-TDS :- How can i download justification report.

           Before download justification report related to TDS, it is necessary to know what is Justification Report.  Justification report is a excel based detailed calculation which clear the demand notice issued by Income Tax Department.  It clears that on what basis Income Tax Department has raised TDS demand against deductor.   Income Tax department issue demand in a single page mentioned that Justification Report can be downloaded through   To download this Justification Report first step is download Text file from site. After that a utility convert this text file into Excel. 

Steps to convert the Justification Report text file into an excel

  • Download the zip file from 'Requested Downloads' screen and save to your local machine
  • Unzip the file using Winzip. Password to unzip is 'JR__
    __', e.g., JR_AAAAA1235A_24Q_Q3_2010-11. This will save the Justification Report as a text file
  • Download the macro utility for Justification Report from this screen
  • Double-click the utility, excel sheet will open
  • Click on 'Enable Content' in the warning message to enable macros
  • Select the Justification Report text file and the folder to save the output excel file and click on button 'Generate TDS CPC Justification Report'
  • The text file will be converted into excel spreadsheet and saved in the selected folder
  • Open the Justification Report excel file from the folder in which it has been saved

Instructions in PDF file with pictures  is available for more clarity (Click here to download).  It is also called e-Tutorial Download Justification Report. 

Utility for Conversion of Text file into Excel (Click Here to download  TRACES-Justification Report Generation Utility V1.0zip) File Size 452.66 kb in zip format.

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