Friday, July 12, 2013

Income Tax :- Download ITR-7 for Online Filing A.Y. 2013-14

Income Tax Department has provided an exe file for submission of Indian Income Tax Return online named ITR-7.   This ITR form is applicable for persons including companies required to furnish return under section 139 (4A) or section 139 (4B) or section 139 (4C) or section 139 (4D). Some General Instructions are given below :-

  1. Fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory. 
  2. All amount are in Indian Rupuees. 
  3. A calendar is provided for selecting the date field (format DD?MM?YYYY).
  4. All greyed out fields are either auto-filled or non-editable. 
  5. It is a good practice to save your work frequently.  Please use SAVE AS DRAFT option. 
  6. In Forms wherever information is captured in table.
    (a) Adding new Row: Click ADD button to add a new row and enter values in the field provided.
    (b) Deleting Row: Select the row to delete from the list and click DELETE ROW button.
  7. Please enter only the value wherever the information is needed in percentile. 
  8. It is preferable to have JRE version 1.7 and above installed on your machine. 
  9. Please verify the Form, accompanying attachments/documents before your submit.  
Download ITR-7 Form (Click here)

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