Sunday, August 25, 2013

e-TDS :- Return processed for Form 26AS or not.

Friends,    After submission of e-tds or e-tcs return, it is general requirement to know that your return has been processed for Form AS or not.   As per past practice, status of statement can be checked at, but now in new returns NSDL display your return is under process at TRACES.   

How do you know Status of statement at TRACES ?
                Just login your TAN at or TRACES and you may check statement status or status of return under link  Statement/Payments as shown in below picture :-

There are three options to check the status of return/statement  as shown below :-
  1. Search Option 1.>Financial Year wise status can be checked. 
  2. Search Option 2.>Token Number wise status can be checked
  3. Search Option 3.>Date of filing in Financial Year wise status can be checked. 
Where is return status processed for Form 26AS ?
      Yes,  status processed statement for Form 26AS is available under Search Option 3.   There is mandatory  column named Statement Status for selecting different options contains Processed for 26AS. 

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