Sunday, August 25, 2013

Service Tax :- Online ST-3 for the period October, 2012 to March, 2013.

Friends    Earlier only offline excel utility was available for submission of service tax return for the period,  now Central Board of Excise and Taxation has also provided facility to submit online Service Tax ST-3 return form for the period 10/12 to 03/13.  Some important guideline for submission of online return is given below :-
  1. The online version of the Service Tax return (ST-3) for the period October'12 to March'13 is now available for e-filing in ACES. Assessees can also use the offline utility by downloading the latest version from or from 'DOWNLOADS' Section of ACES website. Assessees whose ST 3 returns for the period October'12 to March'13 for "Banking and other Financial services" got rejected are requested to use the latest version of ST 3, either online or off-line to file their return. The last date of e-filing of ST 3 for the period October, 2012 to March, 2013 is 31st August, 2013. To avoid congestion and inconvenience on the last date assessees are advised to start e-filing the returns immediately and not to wait till the end of the month.

  2. New user-friendly features in the Oct, 2012 -March, 2013 ST-3 Return :
    A. Previously, the assessees were able to view the filed returns using the option, 'View Original ST3'. This facility has been enhanced with a new feature by displaying in the return, the list of error codes (with corresponding error messages). This will help the assessees to know about the errors so that they can exercise the option of filing Revised return by rectifying the errors. This facility will be made available shortly and the exact date will be intimated on ACES website. 

    B. As soon as the return uploaded by the assessee is accepted or rejected by the system, a system-generated message will be e-mailed to the assessee. The assessee can rectify the errors and file the corrected return. 

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