Monday, August 19, 2013

TRACES :- Solution of Tan Registration Problem

Friends,   I want to share my experience at during new TAN registration as new user on account of deductor.  I have tried many times for TAN registration as a new deductor at , but fail in registration.   Earlier I had also registered successfully too many TAN's at  But a particular TAN number was creating problem in registration.   No doubt that i had entered correct data for TAN registration like  Tan number, BSR code, challan serial no, challan amount, three pan numbers, tds deposited against pan in annexure.   

                Finally, i got success in TAN registration and found my mistake for registration.   The mistake was related to "Total Tax deposited as per deductor-Annexure" which can be seen in below picture.   In below picture, Total Challan Amount and Total Income Tax Deducted at Source are Rs. 38413.00 and Total Tax deposited as per Deductor- Annexure is Zero (0).   It means data uploaded in TDS return is not correct,  there are two columns in annexure regarding entry of TDS amount  one is TDS deducted and second is TDS deposited.   By mistake TDS deposited was entered as zero for all deductees which is required in TAN Registration at 

                  I was placing TDS amount against Pan Number in TAN registration which i have deducted from deductee whereas zero amount should be placed in TDS deposited column.   Wrong data of wrong return can be viewed as under :-
                 As per our view, FVU may be control such type of error, there may be alert during validation that TDS deposited as per deductee must be equal to or greater than TDS deducted from deductee. 

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