Friday, August 30, 2013

TRACES :- View Deduction Detail of Deductee

Friends,  PAN wise deduction detail of Deductees can be viewed after login at   In the other word,  TAN holder can View Tax Credit of their deductees with the help of  his PAN.   Path or location at TRACES is given in below picture -1 after login at 

Picture -1
Just enter PAN of deductee and statement detail as required in picture -2 and check tds detail of deductee. 
Picture -2
With the help of above link, TAN holder can satisfy his deductee regarding deduction of TDS and deposit of TDS in his PAN.   It is alternate provision of 26AS.  26AS can be checked by deductee and above detail can be checked by Deductor after login TAN. 

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