Monday, October 21, 2013

e-TDS :- Income is less than Taxable Income but Deductor is deducting TDS

There is some confusion in the hand of deductee that deductee income is less than taxable income but deductor is deductor is deducting TDS from his income.  What should he do ?.  The answer of question is explained here with given below two FAQ's :- 

Q.1>> I have made some deposits with a bank on which annual interest is around 15000. My income is below taxable limit. The banker wants to deduct tax. What do I do?

Ans >> You can file a self-declaration to the banker in Form 15G or 15H (for Senior Citizens) stating that your income is below taxable limit. The form is available with your banker, the local Income Tax office and can be downloaded from the website This form should be filed before the interest begins to accrue in the fixed deposit account, since the declaration has no retrospective effect.

Q.2>> I have let out a property for 20,000 per month. The tenant is deducting tax that is more than my tax liability. What can I do under this circumstance?

Ans >> If you compute your tax liability and find it to be lower than the tax being deducted, you may approach your Assessing Officer by filing Form 13. He will issue a certificate directing the tenant to make TDS at a lesser rate. This form is available with the local Income Tax office or can be downloaded from the website

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