Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vat :- Haryana Vat Return Format in Excel

Friends,   Haryana Vat Return excel based utility is freely available here.  It is easy in use and white cells are available to enter data.   Lot of fields are locked and calculated automatically.  In case anyone wants to update fields at their own level, he may update according to his requirement.   There is no password to unprotect the Excel Sheet.   There are six sheets as mentioned below : -

  1. Master
  2. Q1
  3. Q2
  4. Q3
  5. Q4
  6. Annual Total

The above utility is helpful to those who submit their return through advocate and advocate requires figures as per R-1 return form.   The above figures are exactly helpful in submission of R1 or R2.

How to Unprotect the Excel File
                 Unprotect of Excel File is easy due to non-password in above utility.  However screenshot for unprotect the file is also given below :-

Click Here to Download this Excel Utility or Others

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