Friday, November 22, 2013

e-TDS :- Solution of Default Notice issued by Income Tax Department regarding 24Q4

I have recently received a TDS Demand Notice from Income Tax Department for a amount on account of Short Payment.  I checked my record or TDS return data and found that all payments/deposits of TDS have been made in time.  There was no such amount which was shown in notice as short payment.  In the first attempt, I made a request at for download justification report.  Before getting justification report, I checked my TDS data again and found that Tax on Taxable Income is not correct.  Tax has been entered on the basic of "Others" instead of  "Senior Citizen".   Now I got relaxed and feel that there is no need of justification report.   Finally I have again made request to download NSDL Consolidated File and submit correction return.   

Permanent Solution of demand notice regarding 24Q4
                In my view,  this demand has been raised due to lake of NSDL software i.e. RPU or FVU.  Neither FVU support it Nor RPU.   I mean to say Income Tax in 24Q4 should be calculated system based or should be checked through File Validation Utility(FVU).  Man is made for errors but system can avoid errors done by Man.

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