Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Age Calculator or Difference between two dates.

Friends,    Here is not only age calculator it also calculates difference between two dates.   This calculator is not important when we have only two dates.   It is important when we have too many dates like  college forms, job application forms etc.  To check the exact difference between two dates it is simple in use.  Basic requirement of this calculator is Office 2007.  Some excel based commands have been used in this utility which are given below for their further use :-

Now() = Today date
Today() = Current Date
Datedif = Date Difference between two dates
"Y" = Years
"YM" = Balance numbers of Months after completing Years
"MD" = Balance numbers of Days after completing Months.
Command = =datedif(lowerdate,highestdate, "intervel")

To download excel based free calculator (Click Here)

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