Wednesday, December 11, 2013

e-TDS : - Successful Tan Registration for Online Upload TDS return

                 Tan Registration for online upload TDS return at is simple.  It is only possible for those deductors who have their Digital Signature.  Many times it has been found that NSDL rejects application made by deductor with remarks that Name and Address does not match with application and sends information through email as given below :-  

Dear Sir,

This has reference to the registration being done for online upload of return vide acknowledgement no ___________ for _______________________ using TAN _____________________

We regret to inform you that your application have been rejected as the name or address mentioned in your registration, is not matching with the name or address present in Income Tax database. (The address as per Income Tax database can be viewed at

In case you had mentioned wrong name or address in the application, you can re-register with proper details.

In case, name or address present against your TAN in Income Tax database is incorrect, you can change the address details by applying at

If you need any further clarification, kindly contact us at 020-27218080 or email us at

Online Upload Team.

Income Tax Department does not send e-mails regarding refunds and does not seek any taxpayer information like user name, password, details of ATM, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. Taxpayers are advised not to part with such information on the basis of emails 
                                  It means to get successful registration it is necessary to use Copy and Paste feature while registration for online upload TDS return.    Correct Name & Address of any TAN can be checked at Income Tax website link for the same has already given above, 

Zero Uploading Fee for TDS return or FVU (File Validity Utility)

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