Friday, January 3, 2014

e-TDS : - New RPU 3.8 applicable w.e.f 04.01.2014 with Form 27A utiltiy

                NSDL has provided new TDS RPU  3.8 which is applicable w.e.f. 04.01.2014 as mandatory.  Major amendments have been done in this tds RPU 3.8 like discontinuation in deletion of deductee record , Automatic Generation of Form 27A and changes in challan detail etc.  Mainly Auto Form 27A generation is main feature in the interest of  NSDL RPU user's.  Now no need to go anywhere to generate form 27A.  As we create file the same is available in same folder where fvu file is generated. 

Key features of RPU 3.8

--- 1. Deletion of deductee record: Feature to delete the deductee record has been discontinued and as a result delete option available under “Updation mode for Deductee” has been removed. In case the user wishes to nullify a deductee record/ transaction, he is required to update the amount and related fields to “0” (zero) and add new record with updated values.

--- 2.Date of deduction: Date of deduction in deductee record should not be that of previous quarter. Example if the statement pertains to Q3 of FY 2013-14, then the date of deduction should not be lower than 01/10/2013.

--- 3.Generation of Form 27A: New feature has been enabled wherein Form 27A is generated on validation of statement by TDS/TCS FVU.

--- 4.Heading of column no. 20 under Challan details has been changed as “Interest to be allocated/apportioned”.

--- 5.Incorporation of latest FVU Version 4.1 and 2.137.

--- 6. Applicability of FVU version: FVU version 4.0 and 4.1 are applicable upto January 03, 2014 and from January 04, 2014 FVU version 4.1 would be mandatory

Click here to Download TDS RPU 3.8

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