Sunday, February 23, 2014

TDS :- Late e-filing of TDS/TCS return

What should I do on receipt of demand notice u/s 234E Late Filing?
The default amount will have to be deposited through challan no. 281. Download conso file from TRACES for filing correction and tag the paid challan detail without adding any deductee records. While filing correction, fill up the fee amount in 'Fee' column in challan detail. (Refer e-tutorial -
Note: There is no. need to send any communication to TDSCPC separately

While filing a correction statement I quoted Late Fee amount in interest column. How can I rectify?
File a correction statement, delete the amount from 'Interest' column and mention fee amount in 'Fee' column no. 404 in Form 26Q, column no. 305 in form 24Q, column no. 706 in Form 27Q and column no. 656 in Form 27EQ.

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