Wednesday, March 12, 2014

e-TDS : - Correction in Interest Amount or Other Amount.

Recently someone has asked a problem that he has submitted his TDS return with wrong placement of Interest amount.  His question in his word is given below :-

Question :-
I had filled one TDS return for the FY 2008-09 including tax & interest both & by mistake I had written the interest amount in the others column (405) in form 26Q.

Now, I had received demand notice from IT department to pay the interest which i had paid earlier with challan but not able to include in the interest (403) column.
Pl guide me how to rectify my mistake done in filling the return.

Answer :- 
                     The following fields can be updated through correction return  after matching challan :-
  1. Section Code.
  2. Interest Amount.
  3. Other Amount. 

In case, other fields are changed in correction TDS return after successful matching of challan,  TDS return will be rejected.  Therefore take care while correcting any TDS return. 

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