Thursday, April 10, 2014

Income Tax :- Submit button in Java Based Income Tax Return Utility

Friends,    Income Tax Department has issued off-line java based income tax return utility like on-line.  It has already informed in last post that two excellent features have been added in utility  named Pre-fill and Instant Validation errors.   Now "Submit"  button is also similar to them.   After preparation all data in Java Based Income Tax return and while validation errors are nil, then submit button will be pressed and ITR-V will be generated on using e-filing User Id, e-filling Password and Date of Bire/Date of Incorporation.  Basic requirement is internet connection to avail this feature. 

Submit -Click this button to upload the XML in e-Filing portal. You'll be prompted to provide your e-Filing credentials, User ID, Password and DOB/DOI. Post submission, the success message and the acknowledgment number will be displayed. You will be able to download ITR-V. Please make sure you're connected to the internet to avail this feature. (if the return is submitted without a DSC) as well.

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