Sunday, April 20, 2014

NSDL :- NSDL_RPU_e-Tutorial Version 1.0

Friends,    NSDL_RPU_e-Tutorial_1.0 is available for new user's of NSDL e-TDS RPU 3.8.    Presently RPU 3.8 is latest RPU for generating TDS return with FVU version 4.1 and FVU version 2.137.  

Content of e-Tutorial Version 1.0 are given as under :- 

•What is RPU?
•What is FVU?
•Features of RPU
•Steps to download & install RPU on your system
•Guidelines for installing NSDL (RPU)
•Preparation of 
        –Regular statements
             •Save the file
             •Open the saved file
             •Create the file
        –Correction statements
             •Save the file
             •Open the saved correction file
             •Create the file

Download e-Tutorial Version 1.0 click here.
Download Latest NSDL TDS RPU 3.8 click here.

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