Thursday, May 1, 2014

Income Tax :- Due Date for submitting TDS return and Issue of From 16 in case Salary Return.

Now due time for depositing TDS has been lapsed for deductors for the financial year 2013-14 and it is time to submit TDS return (24Q) and issue of Form 16.   Income Tax department charge late Fee for submitting late tds return, therefore deductor should submit his TDS return in time. 

Filing of E-TDS ReturnsThe Employer has to file the E-TDS return in Form-24Q for each quarter. The following are the due dates for filing of the online E-TDS returns.
April to June  15TH JULY
July to September15th OCTOBER
October to December15th JANUARY
January to March15th MAY
 Issue of Form-16 to the EmployeesThe Employer has to issue the Form-16 along with Form – 12BA to the respective employees on or before 31st May (after ending of the financial year).

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