Thursday, July 31, 2014

Income Tax : -Solution for Login Problem due to PIN number through email or mobile.

Friends,   It is generally found that there is login problem due to PIN or low connectivity etc on 31.07.2014 as it is Last Date for submission of Income Tax Returns for Assessment Year 2014-15 for those assessee's who have salaried income and interest income.  A large numbers of assessee falls in this category.  But due to heavy load on last date there was some problem in submission online  income tax return.  

In case you are facing login problem due to PIN you may use the following trick for submit your income tax return. :-

Solution for Non Getting PIN on mobile or email

     Presently user can use off-line Excel Based or Java Based utility. In Java based utility he may Login Directly without any updation of Mobile No. and Email address. Initially, he may use Pre-fill link and then enter your income data and after that finally, he can use submit button for uploading of Income Tax Return. In this may taxpayer or user can upload his Income Tax return without updating Mobile No and Email address on income tax website.

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