Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Income Tax :- Some problems with solutions regarding Legal Heir

Legal Heir

Problem Description :What all document do I need to attach as a ZIP file during registering myself as Legal Heir?

Corrective Action:You need to scan the following documents and ZIP them in a file:
  • Copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased person,
  • Copy of the PAN card of deceased person,
  • Self attested copy of PAN card of the Legal Heir.
  • Self attested copy of Legal Heir Certificate

Problem Description :I received an e-mail from Income Tax Department stating that my request for Legal Heir has been accepted and I am assigned as the Legal Heir for the deceased. Can I e-File for the deceased person now?

Corrective Action:Yes.

Problem Description :I am assigned as the Legal Heir for the deceased person. How can I e-File for the deceased person?

Corrective Action:LOGIN using your own User ID, Password and Date of Birth. Once logged in, GO TO ‘e-File’ –> ‘Upload Return’. Select the PAN from the drop-down option as the deceased’s PAN. Fill the remaining details on the page and upload XML. Sign using DSC if available and applicable.

Problem Description :I am trying to upload Income Tax Return for a deceased but I am getting an error message saying “PAN mentioned on Personal/ Verification section is invalid”. What should I do?

Corrective Action:Please ensure that the PAN entered in the Verification section of the Income Tax Return is your (Legal heir) PAN and not of the deceased person. Also, if the Income Tax Return is being digitally signed, the PAN encrypted in the DSC must match with the PAN mentioned in the verification section.

Problem Description :Whose Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can I use to e-File the deceased’s Income Tax Return?

Corrective Action:You need to use your own valid Digital Signature Certifcate (DSC) which is registered with e-Filing

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