Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tally :- Single Email or Bulk Email from Tally Accounting Software

                        Tally is a Accounting Software which makes easy life.  A person who use tally for Accounts feels easy in accounting.  There is no need to download accounting ledger or no need to attach downloaded ledger file to send email to customer or customer's etc. 

                             Email processing through tally is too simple which can not be imagine.  In the old version, It was told by tally customer care that SMTP address are required from ISP (Internet Service Provider) to send email from tally.   But now the same has been improved by Tally.   

Requirements for email from Tally :-

  • Email user id and password of Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.  
  • Rediffmail users can not use Option email from tally directly.  It is paid email server. 
  • Use Alt+M to email from any screen.

Multiple Emails to your Customers / Creditors  
       Tally user may use multiple or Bulk email option  to send emails to their customers.
Path = Tally gateway > Multi Account Printing  > Account Books > Ledgers >Group of Accounts > Sundry Debtors > Alt+M  > Select "All ledgers" in field  "To  Email Address" as shown in below screen

Confirmation of Email to Customers or Creditors
               Sometimes customer requires to produce evidence of email sending to him.  In such case Confirmation can be printed out from  sent emails  From "E-Mail Address" after opening Gmail Account or Yahoo Account or Hotmail Account.

BSNL Broad band users can also use email from tally (Click Here)

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