Monday, December 1, 2014

Form 15G / 15H Auto Generation in State Bank of India

Friends,  State Bank of India has recently provided an excellent utility in the name of Generate 15G / H.  Maximum fields like Name, Address, Mobile No, Pan , Deposit details with the banks generate automatically.   Some fields like A.O. Codes and nature of business were asked to enter manually. 
Requirement for generation of Form 15G / 15H
  • SBI login user id and password.
  • Any deposit in the shape of FDR with any branch of State Bank of India.
  • Path for Generation of Form 15G or 15H. is given in below picture. 

The above generation is helpful for depositor & too much easy in generation of Form 15G and 15H.  This utility  also control in selection of  form  15G or 15H which depends on Date of Birth / corporation available with the bank.

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