Monday, December 8, 2014

State Bank of India :- What is New on 08.12.2014

                State Bank of India has provided some new features for Internet Banking users or others.  Latest features are as Self Generation of  Form 15G or Form 15 H , Self conversion of Saving Bank Account to Saving Bank Plus (auto sweep facility for getting maximum interest in saving account) .  Detailed information are given below :-

Date of Introduction
Generation of 15G/H
An INB user can generate form 15G/15H through post login INB (under e-Fixed Deposit-Generate 15 G/H) branch-wise. He has to take a printout of it and submit the duly signed copy to the home branch for recording it in CBS.
Conversion of SB to SB Plus
An INB user is not required to visit branch for creation of auto sweep facility. He himself can convert his SB account to Savings Bank plus through INB. To convert please go to e-Fixed Deposit->Change to Saving Bank Plus)
ATM Card Limit/channel/usage change
An INB user can customize the daily limit of ATM card withdrawal also channel type and usage as per his daily needs through INB.
TDS account linking
Now you can link/delink Savings Bank/Current Account/ Overdraft account for deduction of TDS amount on your fixed deposit through INB. For availing this facility, please go to e-Fixed Deposit> TDS Account Linking.
View Mutual Fund Details
Now you can view details of unit held with SBI Mutual Fund. To view, please go to e-Services>SBI Group Services and complete the registration process.
Recovery of service charges for failed Standing Instructions
“With effect from 15/10/2014, a service charge of Rs.25/- will be recovered per instance of failed standing Instruction/bill payment scheduled or with auto pay instruction, wherever the reason of failure is sufficient/clear funds not available or account has hold

To know more regarding Auto Generation of Form 15G or Form 15H (Click Here)

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