Tuesday, January 6, 2015

e-TDS :- Free Download Justification Report Utility Version 2.1 issued by TRACES

                 Before downloading the latest justification report utility v 2.1, it is mandatory to know that what is this utility and why it is required.  Deductors are being received Default Notices from Income Tax department.   To know the calculation of default , Justification Report is provided by Income Tax Department.   Traces provides report in Text format and this utility converts Text file to Excel format.  In this way , separate sheets of Excel File details the calculation of defaults sent by Income Tax Department. 

Steps to convert the Justification Report text file into an excel
  • Download the zip file from 'Requested Downloads' screen and save to your local machine
  • Unzip the file using Winzip. Password to unzip is 'JR__
    __', e.g.,
  • JR_AAAAA1235A_24Q_Q3_2010-11. This will save the Justification Report as a text file
  • Download the macro utility for Justification Report from this screen
  • Double-click the utility, excel sheet will open
  • Click on 'Enable Content' in the warning message to enable macros
  • Select the Justification Report text file and the folder to save the output excel file and click on
  • button 'Generate TDS CPC Justification Report'
  • The text file will be converted into excel spreadsheet and saved in the selected folder
  • Open the Justification Report excel file from the folder in which it has been saved
Download Justification Report Version 2.1 (Click Here)

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