Thursday, April 9, 2015

e-TDS :- Defaults relating to Non-Salary Returns (26Q4) for the F.Y. 2009-10 or prior to F.Y. 2009-10

Friends,   It is already known by  all Deductors that Income Tax Department (TRACES) has issued different types of default notices.   Out of which one is explained here in the interest of deductor which relates to Non-Salary TDS returns quarter 4 for Financial Year 2009-10 or it's prior. 

In the Financial Year 2009-10 or upto 31.03.2010 , deductors  pass entry  interest or commission etc  as Debit Expenses or Credit Party/Depositor except salary in their books on the last day of Financial Year  and deduct TDS on it.  Due date for deposit of such TDS were 31th May of each year. 

In issued defaults , benefit of above due dates have not been shown.  It does not mean that there is lapse in system in generating Justification Report.  But also there is lapse in submission in TDS return. 

I mean to say that there is Flag in TDS/TCS return which is to be used like shown in below screen in NSDL RPU/software:-

If we  use proper flag in TDS return then Default will be generated with giving benefit of due date 31th May.

Specifically :- The above flag is useless in case of Salary TDS/TCS return

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