Thursday, May 7, 2015

e-TDS :- Updation in Online Upload TDS return procedure

NSDL has updated their system regarding online upload TDS retun and communicate their deductors  through email . Copy of email is given below for general awarness. 

Dear Online upload user,
We are pleased to inform you that, now you can change your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) online, i.e. within the precincts of your office and without sending any documents to NSDL e-Gov!
An absolutely seamless procedure!! Simply login to your Online upload system with Admin ID and select ‘Change DSC details’ option. Select user IDs for which DSC is to be updated from the list of user IDs available and fill up the details of new DSC and submit. Details of new DSC will be updated instantly and you will receive system generated email intimating update of new DSC details in NSDL e-Gov system.
1)    This option can be used only in case the validity of your existing DSC has not expired.
2)    This option is available only to Admin ID.
3)    New DSC which needs to be updated, should be installed in your computer at the time of updating new DSC details online.
We are happy to assist you in case you require any further clarification/assistance. Please find attached demo file for further assistance.
You can reach us at:
Ø  Bijal Darji at 022-2499 4709 (
Ø  Bhalchandra Padhye at 022-2499 4674 (
Assuring our best services at all times!!!
Thanks & Regards,
Online Upload |  NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited  |  (CIN U72900MH1995PLC095642)
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