Sunday, July 19, 2015

Online Vat Return system in Haryana

Friends,  Haryana Government has also started to accept online Vat Return submission system.   The free utility to generate XML file is available at .   Utility has provided Excel Based or CSV based templates to upload bulk Vat Return data.   Data can be entered in utility directly one by one or with the help of  Templates.    

                    Earlier there was no Vat Form for informing Tax Free Sales.  But now two more new Vat Forms have been Added in Annexures named  LS4A and LS4B.  

                       In the first experience , It feels that there is some difficulty in selection of Name of Major Items through Popup Window.    List of all Items can be viewed in a excel sheet after unhide the sheet Named "Hidden".  The said sheet is required to choose required item name while entering i Excel Template etc.  Screen shoot of the list is given below :-

Download All Templates with Software in Version 0.0.6 (Click Here)

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