Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Income Tax :- View Tax Credit of Deductee

Friends,   Do you know that you can view Tax Credit Statement of your Deductees ? .  If no , then this article will be helpful for you.   Too many times, it seems that deductee comes with you and says that amount of TDS deducted from his payments by deductor has not been credited in his Form 26AS.  Everyone is not aware about Form 26AS. He have received this information from his consultant etc.   In such a position , deductor requires Login I.D and Password of Deductee to view the tax credit. But deductee has not such details.   Now mutual understanding goes in rain. 

                However to resolve such type of issues, TDSCPC has provided a link to deductor to view the Tax Credit of Deductee.   This information is available under Statements / Payments after login at www.tdscpc.gov.in.   

The above information is available PAN wise,  Quarter wise which is very much helpful between DEDUCTOR AND DEDUCTEES.

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