Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tally.ERP9 :- Change of Financial Year in Tally Accounting Software

Friends,   Today is 1st April 2017, it requires change of Financial Year in all accounting softwares.   Everyone use different Accounting Softwares on the basis of their needs.  Here we are discussing specifically regarding Tally Accounting Software.  I have come to notice that many tally users create New Company for new Financial Year where as there is no need to do such type of creation.  Multiple Financial Years can be handled  in a single company in tally. 

To change Financial Year in tally  Press Alt+F2 from Gateway of Tally and change Financial Year. 
(Picture view is also given below)

Note or Don't :-   Tally users who have just started using tally or not have knowledge regarding change of Financial Year may Loss their tally Data of Last Financial Year or Earlier through using this option.  "Financial Year begins From"  and "Books beginning From"  at the time of company creation or alteration of company is One Time option for creating Company only.  This option should not be used for change in  Financial Year.  Image of the same is also given below :-

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