Tuesday, September 5, 2017

GST :- Uploading of Muti Tax Invoices in GST Off line Utility V1.2

Friends,   It has come to notice that the latest GST offline Tool V1.2 is not supporting those invoices which contains multi Tax Rate in a single invoice.  Due to this lot of time has been gone waste for uploading GST returns.   In the last , it was found that second last Offline Tool V1.1 is suitable to upload muti tax rated invoices in www.gst.gov.in.    Example of muti-tax rate invoice is given below in below screen :-

Tally Accounting Team has also sent Advisory Email to their software users to use the offline utility tool (V1.1)  instead of offline utility tool (V1.2)  for uploadnig muti tax rate invoices.   Content  of their email is also given below.

Dear Tax payer,

This is an important advisory from Tally if you deal in invoices with multiple tax rates.

We understand that there might be an issue with the latest version of the offline utility tool (V1.2) when it is importing invoices having multiple rates.This can potentially lead to an erroneous return which you will not be able to discover while filing.

Under such circumstances, we urge you to use the earlier version of the tool (V1.1) for extracting the required JSON file to be used for filing.

You can download the same from this link. Please note that this is a suggestion by us in your best interests.

Please do take necessary care while filing.

Issued in tax payer interest by Tally Solutions!

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